Butrol BV storage and transhipment

we ensure efficient, safe and clean storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gases for our customers. By doing so, we enable the delivery of products that are vital to our economy and daily lives, ranging from oil, chemicals, gases and LNG to biofuels and vegoils.

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Storing vital products with care

We have a long history of connecting the supply of and demand for vital products.
Energy, such as oil and gas, for people to cook, heat their homes and travel the world.
Chemicals for the manufacturing industry to use in a wide range of products and
edible oils to support the growing demand for food and agriculture.

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Tank Terminals

Butrol BV mission is to ensure safe, reliable and effective storage and handling of bulk liquid products at key marine locations that are critical to our customers in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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What if you would need to berth your vessel at just one quay in the Port of Rotterdam? How much time and money would you save if you needed only one berth for lay-by, ship-to-ship transhipments, nitrogen and steam supply?

Butrol BV  is a modern bunker fuel terminal in the Europoort area in the Port of Rotterdam. Our core business is the storage and transhipment of fuel oil and gas oil. But next to our 240,000 cbm tank storage facility, we offer a one-stop service for ship owners, charterers, traders and port agents who want to save time and money.

That makes us a multipurpose terminal. Choosing Butrol BV means no translocating after a ship-to-ship transhipment to get the nitrogen service you need. No extra costs for stores delivery over water, because your vessel can be serviced from land. No losing time by moving from one quay to the other.

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